Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the top-level decision-making body of the INCOM project and the Steering Committee elects among its members a Chair and a Vice-chair. The INCOM Project Leader and his Project Management Office service the Committee. The Committee consists of an authorised representative from each of the INCOM Project Partners. The Steering Committee makes sure that the required reporting to IFD is taking place. Meetings are held bi-annually with Innovation Fund Denmark as observer.

Preparatory Committee

In order to optimize the work in the Steering Committee, INCOM nominates the Preparatory Committee, which is a smaller group of INCOM partners performing preparatory work for the Steering Committee. The Preparatory Committee has no decision power but can call the Steering Committee to make decisions if needed. The Preparatory Committee reports about their work to the Steering Committee meetings. Meetings are held monthly.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board advices the Steering Committee on strategic issues and furthermore, the board is responsible for giving the Steering Committee and the Preparatory Committee advices. Members are independent international experts with a large personal network in relevant domains. Meetings are held annually or when requested by the Steering Committee.
28 MAJ 2024