Napatech at 2019 Mobile World Conference in Barcelona

fredag 22 mar 19

Napatech has showcased a demo of their OVS (Open Virtual Switch) at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona last month.

The demo offloads the CPU to Napatech developed FPGAs and is a part of the INCOM project. The demo shows that Napatech’s SmartNICs and Virtualization software accelerate the OVS and offers a 6X gain compared to OVS Data Plane Development Kit and 60 X gain compared to OVS kernel in performance, while reducing the CPU cycle consumption by as much as 90% compared to alternatives. The demo also shows that Napatech’s FPGA offloading maximizes output per application or virtual machine (VM) with the lowest networking costs defined by packet processing per CPU, per watt, and per dollar, which are all critical to the success of a scalable data center to lower total cost of ownership (TCO) 



Gigabit Ethernet 

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