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15 SEP

Chocolate Cloud awarded prominent prize at Telekom Challenge

In collaboration with O&O Software GmbH, Chocolate Cloud took third place in the Telekom Challenge 2021 (development stream) for the development of an "EdgeCloud@Home...

10 AUG

The carbon footprint of food and petrol cars is in focus, but consumption of data...

The online activities require more and more energy, and digitalisation is increasingly influencing the climate change caused by CO2 emissions. Prof. Leif K. Oxenl...

04 MAJ

Reply or reply all...

New report outlines how digital technology can contribute to reduce energy consumption; the report also looks at the large and increasing consumption of data challenging...

DaCOto News
11 MAR

DaCOto News

The DaCOto project is a small spinout project with INCOM participation. The partners have concluded their work focusing on how to reduce the CO2 footprint from the...

12 FEB

Comcores sells wireless assets to Analog Devices

INCOM partner Comcores strengthens focus on Ethernet Systems and Chip-to-chip technologies and announces the sale of its wireless assets to Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) a...

11 DEC

Best Paper Award ¤ IEEE GLOBECOM 2020 Optical Networks & Systems Symposium

On December 9th, 2020 Prof. Søren Forchhammer, DTU Fotonik and his team were awarded winner of the best paper at the IEEE GLOBECOM 2020 Optical Networks & Systems...

Workshop for Tokai University and DTU
04 DEC

Workshop for Tokai University and DTU

Tokai University (Japan) - DTU ICT workshop, December 1st, 2020 on high-capacity data transmission -state of the art optical/wireless communication technologies.  ...

28 OKT

INCOM Autumn Event, October 2020

The second internal INCOM event took place online Monday, October 26, 2020 using Zoom’s webinar platform. A densely packed programme had been prepared for the...

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