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torsdag 11 mar 21

The DaCOto project is a small spinout project with INCOM participation. The partners have concluded their work focusing on how to reduce the CO2 footprint from the Danish ICT industry. The partners were:


  • Alexandra Instituttet
  • DTU Fotonik
  • Telia Danmark
  • DigiPlex
  • Rejoose
  • KMD
  • DI Digital (Confederation of Danish Industry – Digital)
  • Danish ICT Industry Association


Some of the main outcomes of the project were to contribute to a number of webinars hosted by DaCOto partners. These webinars, presentations, and a radio broadcast form the major part of the tangible outcome of the project.

The results from DaCOto can be used at a political level as a guidance how to introduce possible regulations. This could be used to write a political commentary on the report recently published by the Climate Partnership for Service, IT and Consulting which does not mention anything about the IT industry's large CO2 load and how it should be reduced.

The participating companies all work with energy and CO2-reducing IT initiatives and the collaboration across the partners in the DaCOto project have shown that it has great commercial value for the companies to have access to scientific guidelines showing how CO2 is calculated. The participating industry organizations benefited from access to fact- and research- based knowledge and to be able to disseminate this among their members.

The vision of the DaCOto project was to establish a permanent network across researchers, companies, and other stakeholders in the field through repeated networking and knowledge dissemination events. The outreach activities conducted were:

Knowledge arrangement: How to reduce energy consumption

The Alexandra Institute arranged this June 22, 2020 from 12:30 to 2pm. The Webinar is available here.

SummIT 2020

This was arranged by the Confederation of Danish Industry under the label “Grønt digitalt lederskab” and was broadcasted live from Industriens Hus, October 21, 2020 from 10am to 4pm. The broadcast is available here.

“Skal vi energimærke IT services og software”

This was arranged October 22, 2020 by the Danish ICT Industry Association. The webinar is available here.

“Sådan kan datacentre blive grønne”

This was arranged October 26, 2020 from 9am by the Confederation of Danish Industry. The webinar is available here.

“Gør din digitale virksomhed grøn”

This was arranged October 26, 2020 at 10:30am by the Confederation of Danish Industry. The webinar is available here.

Radio broadcast on Danish “R4DIO”

The Danish programme 'Udfordringen' was made by Jens Renner from R4DIO and broadcasted, August 20, 2020. Listen to it here.



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