Digital and ‘green’ at the same time

fredag 28 jan 22

Head of INCOM project Niels Hersoug, gives an interview to Jyllands-Posten newspaper on digital companies and how they can turn green and combat the climate change.


All industries become more IT intensive and organizations are using digital technologies that actually both advance their business objectives and sustain the environment. “The digital companies are helping to drive forward the green agenda, and the more digital companies the more efficient society”, says Niels Hersoug.


Today, the internet compensates its own CO2 emission by a factor of 1.5 meaning if you emit a ton of CO2 through your internet consumption, then elsewhere in society emission drops with 1.5 tonnes.


Read the Danish interview with Niels Hersoug here written by Simon Kudal, January 16, 2022 / Jyllands-Posten / Tænk Grønt.


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